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Healing centres are spaces that support healing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They are community owned and operated, with activities developed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in response to their own healing needs.

Healing centres incorporate traditional and western practices, operate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spirituality and culture at their core and may be situated on custodial land or a site of local significance.

Over the last seven years, since the Healing Foundation started, our healing centre projects have involved over 700 community members—including the development and design of healing strategies and healing frameworks within local communities .

Internationally, healing centres are recognised for their effectiveness in addressing intergenerational trauma, improving wellbeing and reducing rates of suicide, incarceration, domestic and family violence and drug and substance abuse.

In Australia, healing centres not only provide enormous benefits to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who access them, their families and communities, they offer substantial savings to government.

Healing centres also deliver significant returns to their local communities. For example, the Goorathuntha Healing Centre at Mt Tabor is expected to contribute approximately $16 million to the region over six years, through the initial capital investment in the centre, job creation and tourism.


Healing Waters, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Counselling and Wellbeing Service

Healing Waters Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Counselling and Wellbeing Service is being established to address the trauma experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Townsville region through a whole-of-life healing process. With an ongoing strong commitment to social justice, self-determination and culturally sound healing practices, we aim to establish a service that works towards breaking the cycle of trans-generational trauma, grief and loss that affects the daily lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families in our community.

This includes particular support to Stolen Generation survivors and their families through their healing journey. Through ongoing intensive community consultation, we aim to establish a safe private, confidential and culturally appropriate healing service. This service will allow clients to work through issues in their lives and through appropriate professional practice and healing styles, be empowered to identify solutions that will lead them on a path of healthier, stronger and fulfilling lives.

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