YEAR 8 – Home learning activity


Brainstorm prior knowledge of the Stolen Generations. Note for parents/carers: If you are participating in this activity, use this opportunity to also share your knowledge with your child too.

Watch the video Telling Our Stories – Our Stolen Generations (Faye Clayton) and discuss or write down your responses to the following:

  • Why is Aunty Faye an Elder?
  • What makes her story unique?
  • What effect do you think the Stolen Generations has on Aboriginal people?
  • How do you think colonisation has effected Aboriginal people?

Now it’s time to get deeper into learning about the Stolen Generations. Conduct your own research to enhance your knowledge about the Apology and the Stolen Generations. Use following links to help filter your research.

Part 1 – What is the Stolen Generations?

Part 2 – What effects does it continue to have on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today?

Recommended multi-modal formats:

  • PowerPoint/slideshow/Prezi
  • video
  • oral speech
  • posters
  • Use the yarning circle inspired space you have created in your home to share your presentation and send a copy to your teacher.