Young Healers 

Young Healers is an initiative to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. It’s about engaging and educating the community around healing for young people, establishing networks and connection. Young Healers allows young people to address their trauma from a place of strength and resilience.

Young Healers…You Heal

The Young Healers concept was developed by the Healing Foundation youth reference group. This group was formed in December 2012 and was tasked with assisting in shaping our apology anniversary events, act as youth ambassadors, and support the Healing Foundation in engaging young people. To meet the members of this group click here.


What’s been happening with Young Healers?

Young Healers Launch

The Healing Foundation launch of the Young Healers initiative took place in Perth on Tuesday 3 September 2013.

Young Healers survey snap-shot August 2013:

  • 27% of young people surveyed were 15yrs old.
  • Approximately 60% were Aboriginal, with 28% Torres Strait Islander.
  • 60% could identify members of their family as being part of the Stolen Generations, same amount felt Stolen Generations policies still impact their lives today. The main effects identified were impact on culture, family connections and loss of identity.
  • 3 main issues effecting their wellbeing were social media and cyber bullying, pressure from others and family situations. This made young people feel frustrated, disengaged and disempowered. Their support came mainly from friends, family and through expressing themselves creatively.
  • When asked if they see themselves as a young healer, one young person responded stating ‘I want to make a change and look to do so in every step of my life.’