YEAR 7 – Home learning activity


Watch the video What is History for?

Facilitate a discussion about the importance of learning about all aspects of Australia’s history. Consider how education can shape perspectives of history, society and culture. Then create a mind map to explore the following questions:

  • What are social and cultural issues in Australia today?
  • How can we use education about the Stolen Generations to bring awareness to these issues?
  • Read ‘The huge debt that we owe to Aborigines’.
      • Plan and write a persuasive letter written to the Minister for Education, recommending that The Healing Foundation units be compulsory in all schools, incorporating evidence, examples and argumentative language features.
      • Before analysing the persuasive text, have a discussion about the use of appropriate terms. This can be linked to the student’s prior learning about cultural safety.
      • Recognise that we have the privilege to gain education and awareness about which terms are appropriate to use (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) and which are not (Aborigine, Native,
        Half-Caste etc.).
      • Acknowledge that the use of inappropriate terms does not necessarily equate to discrimination or intentional offence, but that age, socioeconomic status and geographic location all contribute to an individual’s awareness of correct terms.