YEAR 3 – Home learning activity


Read the book Stolen Girl by Trina Saffioti and Norma MacDonald, stopping to explain or answer questions if necessary.

Guiding questions

  • How did this book make you feel?
  • Why do you think this is important for us to know?
  • Were there any new words in this book that you did not understand?

After unpacking the book, support your child to prepare a Personal Learning Statement.

They are going to reflect on what they have been learning by writing a couple of paragraphs. They will be given some sentence starters and they need to write their own statement and then record it.

  • Read through the online worksheet. You can write your responses in a book, or complete online. Before filling out the answers, brainstorm ideas and read aloud first. (Encourage your child to think deeply about their answer, while reflecting on book.)
  • Assist your child with writing and editing their personal statements.
  • Use the yarning circle inspired space you have created in your home to allow your child to share their writing.